Badminton has reached a crossroads and big decisions will be taken tomorrow and Saturday at the BWF Annual General Meeting in Bangkok, Thailand. 189 Member Associations will be gathering to discuss the future of badminton and the proposals for change.

The changes proposed are:

  • A new and enhanced scoring system (based on 5 games to 11).
  • A reduction in on-court coaching – introducing time-outs for players.
  • A service-law change with a fixed height for serves to improve the quality and consistency of service judging.

“This will be a very significant meeting with important matters to be decided. The overall aim of these proposals is to make badminton more exciting by creating more peaks in matches,” said BWF President Poul-Erik Høyer.

We augur all delegates to take the decision that will get badminton to the next level of success! Watch the video below to learn more!