Another 14-year old player, Sarah Fava has been playing badminton for almost five years and would give a cheating opponent the benefit of the doubt by calling for a let. Sarah’s goal is to become National Champion and compete at international level. In her free time Sarah enjoys Marvel movies, AC/DC music and tucking into BBQ ribs

Name: Sarah Fava

Age: 14

Club: Paola Badminton Club

How long have you been playing badminton? Almost 5 years

Describe badminton in three words: challenging, exciting and thrilling

What do you feel when your opponent has cheated? I would think that my opponent would not know what fair play is and try to convince her to do a let

[sic] A let shall be called by the umpire, or by a player (if there is no umpire), to halt play.

Which badminton skill do you think is the most difficult to master? Speed

What are you looking to achieve in badminton? Becoming the National Champion and achieving good results in international games

Who is your badminton idol? Carolina Marín

Dream tournament to play in? European Games

Favourite Movie? Marvel movies

Favourite Musician? The Weekend

If it hadn’t been badminton, what other sport would it be? f I wasn’t playing badminton, I would probably be playing tennis or fencing

Favourite Food? BBQ Ribs

Favourite music/bands? AC/DC, Guns N Roses and Queen

Your goal, outside of badminton in life? For now, I would like to go to De La Salle for the 6th Form and after that, University