In our second interview we will be meeting Sam Cassar, who is 16 and is currently studying at MCAST specialising in Sport. Sam is a Paola BC player and is also part of the Elite Squad in the Badminton Academy. (Want to be part of the academy too? Click here)

Sam Cassar – 16

Favorite Music?

I don’t have a favourite but I love ‘Imagine Dragons’

Favorite Movie?

Hacksaw Ridge because it is really inspirational and based on a true story.

Favorite Book?

The Hobbit

Dream Holiday Destination?


Favorite Quote?

“all you can do is all you can do but all you can do is enough” – A.L. Williams

Favourite Badminton Player?

Viktor Axelsen

When did you fall in love with the game?

The day I was born 🙂

What do you like about it?

It’s exciting, fast and requires a lot of energy.

What is your training regime?

I like to do a lot of drills and game situations

What is your biggest goal? What do you want to achieve in badminton?


What was the most emotional moment of your badminton career till now?

I don’t really have one but I really enjoyed getting a gold in MD and silver in MS in Merano 2016 and reaching the final in MD last year in Algeria

How do you visualise your badminton career after your career as a player?

I would really wish to introduce badminton in all schools in Malta because I’m sure that the majority of students will like the sport. I would also like to become a PE and badminton teacher.

What is your message to others who would like to take badminton as their sport and are still thinking about it?

My recommendation will be to give it a go because you’ll never know if you’ll like it or not but till now I have never seen anyone trying badminton and not enjoying it.

What is your message to the younger players who have an ambition to become great in Badminton

Definitely to firstly enjoy the sport because without enjoying it you cannot improve. Watch and follow a lot of badminton to try some techniques and skills that the professional players would do in training. Work hard to reach big goals and make new friends while traveling because I personally think that making new friends is one of the nicest things about going to tournaments or training camps. And lastly to believe in yourself because without believing yourself you cannot become a champion.

Keep up the good work Sam!