#webreathebadminton – and you can be our oxygen!

Badminton Malta is now looking for partners for the following four seasons 2018-2022. Our dream is to take Badminton Malta to a new level! For this purpose, we have invested heavily in our marketing and PR efforts and now we would like to find new partners to get onboard this success story.

Badminton Malta has gained a positive track record in the last couple of years, with successes on the organisational levels, such as the organisation of the ISF World School Championships and winning the event of the year 2016 and also on the development level, getting some positive results in the International scene and also having a young player living the professional badminton life in the Badminton Europe Centre of Excellence in Denmark.

We are now looking to grow even further, we have no problem in dreaming big and although some things seem hard to reach we are sure that with the commitment, teamwork and synergy we are all putting together, the sky is the limit.

We need your help

Of course, we cannot do all of this without you. In this regard, we would like to ask for some help. If you are in a position to get us close to a company, individual or foundation that is searching for marketing opportunities while assisting a local sport organisation to grow even further, we would appreciate your effort.

We are ready to make the next step and with your help and other’s, we could all make this possible! Contact us here or on our Facebook Page.