Owen Grech has been confirmed as Badminton Malta’s President for the next two years after serving as interim President for the last few months. He was elected during the Annual General Meeting held last Friday at the Valletta Volunteer Centre. Owen has already embarked on initiatives during his interim period and is now looking forward to work hard and continue building an Association that promotes badminton as a top sports choice for everyone.

“Together with the whole Executive Committee members, clubs, coaches, parents and players I believe we can continue building the Association steadily: producing quality players, attracting international events to our country and giving the opportunity for more people to try badminton”, Grech told us after his election as new President of the Association.

Another huge milestone reached during this year’s AGM is the introduction of a new statute. This was done after a lengthy exercise with he legal assistance of Dr. Stephen Muscat, involving all clubs where the old statute was broken down and analysed piece by piece to be modernised and reflect today’s sporting world. Amongst other changes, major changes approved in this statute include:

  • Introducing a mechanism whereby all members of all clubs will be registered as Badminton Malta members;
  • The introduction of a 4-term capping for the positions of President and General Secretary, each term having two years, to a maximum of 8 years;
  • The removal of a fee for minor players to move from one club to another, hence giving more flexibility and freedom of choice to all players;
  • Badminton Malta officials cannot register with the Association through a club but as individuals.

Samuel Cali and Emanuel Gatt were confirmed as executive committee members and after a long absence, the position of Media Officer was filled by former President, Chris Spiteri. This now brings the Executive committee in full force and the formation of the Exco will be as follows:

President: Owen Grech
General Secretary: Jo’Anne Cassar
Vice-President: Stephen Ferrante
Treasurer: Frederick Clark
Media Officer: Chris Spiteri
Members: Samuel Cali, Emanuel Gatt

Badminton Malta would like to thank all the clubs for their involvement and participation in the AGM and look forward to another year full of successes.