At 17 years of age, Nigel Degaetano is the eldest of the athlete’s contingent. With ambitions to become National Champion and ranked at European Level, Nigel’s finds mental focus the hardest skill to master. Nigel’s goal is to be the best he can be at what he does and be an inspiration to others.

Name: Nigel Degaetano

Age: 17

Club: Birkirkara Badminton Club

How long have you been playing badminton? 7 years

Describe badminton in three words: fast, furious and fun

What do you feel when your opponent has cheated? I feel let down and angry because sport should only be about what is right

Which badminton skill do you think is the most difficult to master? For me personally I feel that mastering the mental focus is the hardest.

What are you looking to achieve in badminton? I want to become Malta champion in these upcoming years and I would like to be ranked in Europe

Who is your badminton idol? Victor Axelsen

Dream tournament to play in? my dream tournament would be the European championships

Favourite Movie? Karate kid

Favourite Musician? Eminem

If it hadn’t been badminton, what other sport would it be? tennis

Things that you like to do while you are not playing Badminton? Going out with friends, travelling

Favourite Food? pasta al salmone

Favourite music/bands? music mixture of rap and pop bands no specific band

Your goal, outside of badminton in life? to be happy and good in whatever I set out to do and be a positive influence and inspiration to others