VICTOR, one of the top brands in Badminton around the World, is the new name behind Badminton Malta’s events for this season. This collaboration has been launched during the last social event organised by Badminton Malta., VICTOR representatives in Malta, will be backing Badminton Malta during its competitions this season and will be working together to continue promoting the sport in the Maltese islands.

Sharon Sultana, director, said that she is very happy to be working with Badminton Malta, an Association that is doing its utmost to keep growing and will be working to make more Badminton equipment and apparel available in Malta to make the sport more popular. 

Emanuel Gatt, an Executive Committee Member and Chairperson of the Badminton Malta Commercial Commission stated that Badminton Malta is very happy to work with VICTOR and will be working to get more local companies to support local badminton in its success.