Michela Ellul’s, 14-years-old, has a goal to represent Malta at an international level. Whilst describing badminton as intense and energetic, she also finds it liberating and would choose to practice gymnastics for its flexibility and elegance had it not been badminton. Michela looks up to world number one Carolina Marin as her favourite athlete.

Name: Michaela Ellul

Age: 14

Club: Paola Badminton Club

How long have you been playing badminton? 6 years

Describe badminton in three words: intense, energetic and enlightening

What do you feel when your opponent has cheated? It angers me but I try my best to ignore it so it doesn’t affect my game.

Which badminton skill do you think is the most difficult to master? In my opinion, the over-head clear is the hardest to master as you need a lot of precision

What are you looking to achieve in badminton? My goal is to represent Malta ina well-known tournament and to also always find badminton as a time where one can feel liberated

Who is your badminton idol? Carolina Marin

Dream tournament to play in? European Junior Championships

Favorite Movie? Braveheart

Favorite Musician? Lana Del Rey

If it hadn’t been badminton, what other sport would it be? It would be gymnastics as am fascinated with the flexibility and elegance in that sports.

Things that you like to do while you are not playing Badminton? I like to watch series and go out with my friends.

Favorite Food? Pizza

Favourite music/bands? My favorite type of music is mostly indie and hip hop

Your goal, outside of badminton in life? My goal is to never worry and to always find something to be happy about.