Racketlon is a sport aimed at finding the best overall Racket Sports Player. It involves playing Table

Tennis, Badminton, Squash and then Tennis against your opponent – each sport being played to 21

points, one after the other, with the winner being the player who scores the greatest overall number

of points across all 4 sports.


Racketlon is growing in popularity all over Europe (currently played in over 40 countries) and for the

first time ever, Malta will host a World Tour Racketlon event this October at the Marsa Club.

However, there are categories for all abilities and all ages: from the experts to complete beginners.

Anyone and everyone are able to enter. It is a tournament for all of Malta.

All Maltese Racket Sports enthusiasts should come and give Racketlon a go! Even if you haven’t

played all of the individual Racketlon sports before, this is a great opportunity to have a fantastic,

fun day of sport.


Players from Malta have a choice to either enter:

  • The Malta Open World Tour Event where they will get to play against different players from

all over the world (although it’s important to note that the international players will all be of

different abilities and varying ages – so even in the World Tour Event there will be a category to suit

your ability. See below.)

  • A special, Malta only category as a Taster Event in order to give people the opportunity to

try Racketlon out for the first time in a very relaxed, social atmosphere. See details below.

Malta Open – International World Tour Event – Categories Available to ALL to Enter:

Men’s/Women’s Elite (for those who play a good club standard in at least 3 of the sports)

Men’s B (for those who play at club level in at least 2 of the sports + socially at the others)

Women’s B (for those who play at club level in at least 1 sport + socially at the others)

Men’s C (for those who play at a social level in 2 or 3 of the sports)

Men’s Vets: over 45 and over 55 categories

Women’s Vets: over 45

Juniors: under 13 and under 16 categories (boys and girls)

Men’s + Women’s + Mixed Doubles Categories. Elite + B categories

“Taster Event” For Maltese Players Only

Men’s + Women’s Singles Categories (for all ages)


Entry Fees

Fees for all Malta Open/International World Tour Categories include a Player’s Dinner, a minimum of

3 matches per category & world ranking points!:

12 Euro for the FIR (World Racketlon Body) Annual License and then:

•55 Euro for all single categories men & women

•40 Euro for the second single category (EG men’s vets & men’s B)

•20 Euro for the JUNIOR single categories U13/U16 (without dinner)

•20 Euro for all double categories (per player)

•20 Euro for the “Taster Event” Category – (Maltese Players Only)


Tournament Schedule:

Friday 2nd October

12 Midday: All doubles categories begin

4.30pm: First round of Men’s Elite /Men’s B singles begin

Saturday 3rd October

9am: All remaining singles classes begin + continue throughout day

Sunday 4th October

9am: “Taster Event” (Maltese players only) begins and continues throughout day

All remaining matches in all singles classes conclude

4pm: Prize giving ceremony for all classes / end of tournament.


How to Enter

In order to enter the Malta Open, International World Tour Event, you need to go to

www.fir.tournamentsoftware.com and click on “Sign Up”, and follow the steps to register yourself to

the FIR (World Racketlon Body) – this involves a one-off payment of 12 Euros and means you

become part of the worldwide Racketlon community and gain world ranking points (and a world



Once you have registered yourself, you can then click on the Malta Open from the list of

tournaments and enter yourself online. Entry fees are paid online.

For those just wishing to play the introductory “Taster Event” (for Maltese players only) then please

email your interest to [email protected] Payment (25 Euro) will be taken in cash at the

tournament desk on the day of the tournament.


We hope to attract Maltese players of all ages and all abilities from the different Racket Sports

communities of Table Tennis, Badminton, Squash and Tennis to come together for what will be a

fantastic celebration of Racket Sports. You will be able to play in a fun, relaxed atmosphere whilst

also having the opportunity to see some of the best Racketlon players in the world compete in the

Elite categories.



For any other queries: further advice about what category to enter or about any aspect of the

tournament please contact [email protected]