Malta’s current No.1 female player, Fiorella M Sadowski, will be representing Malta for the second time at the 2016 European Championships, which will be held in France next week. She will compete on the same playground as her badminton idol – left hander and Current World & European Champion, the Spanish Carolina Marin.  In her free time Fiorella loves travelling, shopping and dining.


Name: Fiorella Marie Sadowski

Age: 28

How long have you been playing badminton?

Since I was 6, so 22 years now.

Describe badminton in three words:

Explosive, Elegant, Electrifying

What do you feel when your opponent has cheated?

I cannot do anything about his/her action.  Nevertheless, I try and keep my composure so that his/her actions won’t affect me in the match but focus even more to win the next rally.

Which badminton skill do you think is the most difficult to master?

All skills have their share of difficulty however; I believe that to master the backhand clear/drive after being given a flat attacking clear in the rear court is quite challenging.

What are you looking to achieve in badminton?

I want to get results in the European Circuit Tournaments and in Continental Tournaments & obviously keep the top spot in the ladies national ranking and national championships for as much time possible.

Who is your badminton idol?

Obviously being a left hander myself, my idol is Carolina Marin, current Spanish World and European Champion

Dream tournament to play in?

The Olympic Games

Favourite Movie?

have my best 3 which I cannot choose from: Pearl Harbour, A walk to remember & the Twilight Saga.

Favourite Musician?

I’ve lately been following Sia

If it hadn’t been badminton, what other sport would it be?

Definitely Tennis

Things that you like to do while you are not playing Badminton?

Dance, Travel, Shopping, watching movies/series, dining out, Following circuit tournaments online

Favourite Food?


Favourite music/bands?

I change a lot, depending on my mood – I love Classical music, Rhythmic and Spanish music, Hip Hop and Italian music.  Anything apart from Techno or House.

Your goal, outside of badminton in life?

To be of inspiration to others, to achieve true happiness and inner peace.