Sarah Fava

Another 14-year old player, Sarah Fava has been playing badminton for almost five years and would give a cheating opponent the benefit of the doubt by calling for a let. Sarah’s goal is to become National Champion and compete at international level. In her free time Sarah enjoys Marvel movies, AC/DC music and tucking into [...]

Sarah Fava2016-03-02T07:27:17+01:00

Matthew Abela

With 11 years of being on court, Matthew is the longest serving athlete in the Maltese contingent, who describes badminton as his life. Matthew also comes from a badminton background, his father having played badminton at national level and is now coaching. Sports has played a strong role in Matthew’s life and he hopes to [...]

Matthew Abela2016-02-28T21:45:35+01:00

Coach: Edmond Abela

Edmond has been playing badminton for over 30 years, won a number of titles, represented Malta a number of times on an international level and obtained his first coaching qualification in 1993 from CONI. Edmond put in more focus to coaching in 2009. A right attitude is the key characteristic he looks for in his [...]

Coach: Edmond Abela2017-02-13T14:42:09+01:00

Michaela Ellul

Michela Ellul’s, 14-years-old, has a goal to represent Malta at an international level. Whilst describing badminton as intense and energetic, she also finds it liberating and would choose to practice gymnastics for its flexibility and elegance had it not been badminton. Michela looks up to world number one Carolina Marin as her favourite athlete. Name: Michaela Ellul Age: 14 [...]

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Mark Abela

14-year-old Mark has been playing badminton for the past 8 years, if it hadn’t been badminton it would have been football but what else did Mark have to say about his chosen sport? Name: Mark Abela Age: 14 Club: Paola Badminton Club How long have you been playing badminton? 8 years Describe badminton in three [...]

Mark Abela2016-02-22T07:55:51+01:00
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