The 47th Edition of the Badminton Malta National Championships are over. It was an intense week at the National Sports School in Pembroke. We had beautiful and exciting matches with many close scorelines and memorable rallies. We ended the championships with a bang with some thrilling matches.

We started the Final Day of the Championship with the women’s singles final where Fiorella Marie Sadowski showed her dominance once again in the Women’s Singles category and defended her title by beating Michaela Ellul 21-8, 21-13.

In the Men’s Singles category, Matthew Abela was in his top form and reconfirmed the Men’s Singles title by beating Stefan Salomone 21-14, 21-10. We have seen some exciting and long rallies with many attacking instances for an enjoyable 27-minute match.

Watch: Men’s Singles Final Full Match – Matthew Abela vs Stefan Salomone

Closer calls in the Doubles’ Categories – Triple Crown for Sadowski

We had closer scorelines in all doubles matches with Yanika Polidano/Fiorella Sadowski achieving the Women’s Doubles title for three times in four years after winning against Jo’Anne Cassar/Jacqueline Degiovanni 21-10, 21-17. Fiorella Sadowski secured her second win in these finals hoping for a third win to achieve the triple crown.

In the men’s doubles finals Samuel Calì/Stefan Salomone reconfirmed their title, winning against Stephen Ferrante/Nigel Degaetano 21-13,19-21, 21-15. Calì/Salomone started strong and won the first game 21-13 but Ferrante/Degaetano fought back and won the second game 21-19 leaving the match open for any result. In the third and last game Calì/Salomone continued working in a perfect tendon and managed to secure their win in a 40-minute long, 3 game thriller.

In the last final of the day we witnessed another match full of long rallies and fighting spirit. In the Mixed Doubles final Stephen Ferrante/Fiorella Sadowski won the Mixed Doubles title over Matthew Abela/Jo’Anne Cassar 21-17, 21-14, crowning Fiorella Sadowski as a Triple Crown Winner, winning the Singles, Doubles and Mixed Categories.

Watch: Men’s Doubles Final Full Match – Stefan Salomone/Samuel Calì vs Stephen Ferrante/Nigel Degaetano

Badminton Malta – Satisfied with the Championship and looking forward for more

All in all it was an edition of the Badminton Malta National Championships to remember: a new format, great excitement and enjoyable games to watch in a friendly sports atmosphere, where everyone who attended enjoyed the games and the thrill the sport of Badminton provides.

Badminton Malta showed their satisfaction that the tournament was a success and is a step forward for better organised National Championships. The games were enjoyable and Badminton Malta looks forward to attract larger crowds to sport and badminton. A big thanks to the National School of Sports for their support to make this tournament possible.

Now that the National Championships are over, all focus back to the next singles ranking tournament and the Teams Mixed League, while keeping the goals to get more and more positive results internationally in mind.