Badminton Malta is exploiting a new competition by introducing a series of Ranking Tournaments throughout this season.  The first will be played on the 24th &  25th October 2015 at Kirkop Sports Complex, and semi-finals & finals will be played on Wednesday, 28th October 2015, at Cottonera Sports Complex.  This kind of competition, together with the Individual League and National Championships will carry precious ranking points for all participants.

The new and updated ranking list will be published shortly.

Below are regulations related to these competitions:


All participants must be registered with BM. This tournament will be based on a knock-out format and players will be seeded as per their current ranking position. New unranked entrants to this competition will be vetted and ranked accordingly. Ranking points will be awarded accordingly.

The Tournament will be played on Saturday afternoon at Kirkop Sports Complex, Sunday afternoon at Kirkop Sports Complex and the following Wednesday at Cottonera sports Complex . Players are expected to be at the venue at least 15 minutes prior to the start of their fixture.

Each match will be played best of three games to 21 points.

The following Rules apply to these Leagues:

• Participants playing the first matches are responsible to put up the courts & nets and those playing last matches, official or friendlies, will dismantle the court posts and net. All participants must be ready for play when called by the Referee.

• A walkover will otherwise be awarded to the opposing player present on court. The player forfeiting the match, will have a 10 points deducted from his current ranking points.

• Under no circumstances will postponement of fixtures be allowed.

• Players are to provide their own RSL No. 2 shuttles, as approved by BM. However, the first two shuttles will be provided by the tournament organiser.

• Participants are fully responsible for the upkeep of cleanliness at the venue, non-smoking in the sports hall, any damage caused, acts of vandalism etc…

• The pouring of water on the sports hall floor is not allowed; damp cloths can be used instead.

• 32 players in each event will be eligible to participate in this tournament. These will be determined according to Badminton Malta’s latest ranking list.
Participation fees: €15 (first 2 shuttles will be provided by tournament organiser).

BM and BWF Rules apply throughout the Tournament; disciplinary action will be taken as necessary.

Applications must be submitted online through Tournament Software using Badminton Malta’s registration number, by not later than 12:00 of Friday 23rd October 2015. Any assistance regarding registration will be provided up to 18:00 of Thursday 22nd October 2015.

Payment must be made directly to the association on the first day of the tournament. Failure to do so will result in forfeiture of their fixture and subsequent loss of ranking points. Late and/or incomplete applications will not be accepted. Tournament fees will not be waived if the application is withdrawn after 16:00 of Friday 23rd October 2015.

Please be informed that participants may be required to undertake a Doping Test at the venue by the Anti-Doping Unit of the Malta Sports Council. Players who may be undergoing any sort of medical therapy are required to fill in a Therapeutic Use Exemption Form, which may be downloaded from the BM website ( Players are always to consult with their doctors prior to taking any medications, and are invariably to inform them they are athletes who may be asked to undertake Doping Tests randomly.