Badminton Malta has been working on setting up its technical structure for the past year.  Last year it engaged Mr Fabio Morino as the Association’s technical consultant with the aim to set up local coaching education, which is split in 2 levels and at the same time the way players’ technical progress is monitored.  Together with the National Academy coaches and the executive council, STEPUP was created.

The first step was to expose our coaches to learning new skills related to this new set up and by means of a coaching course delivered by the same Mr Morino, they will be in a better position to teach beginner players the correct technique right at the beginning of their badminton career.

The principal of this technical program is to set levels against which players will be evaluated.  5 colour coded levels were set: yellow, black, blue, green and red.  The system is a progressive one and can move to more than 1 colour during the same evaluation session.  This will eventually be the tool used when players join the National Academy.

Mr Morino recently visited Malta with the sole aim of having the first evaluations done for the National Academy players.  At the same time the academy coaches were shadowing him, as part of their training on how the preparation and evaluation is done.

Badminton Malta is also glad that all the Academy players made it through at least 1 level.

Presentation of the tokens represented by coloured keychains, was done during an end of season activity held earlier this week.

Badminton Malta representative thanks Sportmalta for supporting the Badminton National Academy and its development.