A collective media effort to increase Badminton popularity

Communication is a main focus area for Badminton Europe for 2018 and BE is orchestrating a joint effort to ensure a positive result in popularity, engagement and overall positive image of the game in the European continent. In view of this, a synergy of different efforts are being made for these goals to be reached. Badminton Malta is one of the partners in this effort and is now part of an initiative that Badminton Europe started in February.

The action, the emotions and all the latest updates on Badminton Malta’s media are part of the initiative that is called BEC Social Media Project 2018 and will see Badminton Malta fully immersed in an effort to promote local and European Badminton.

A holistic effort in local media

Badminton Malta has taken the opportunity to extend its presence in all kind of media, online and offline, to inform the general public about what is happening in our game. We have already seen an increased coverage on TV, newspapers and of course Social Media with the help of professionally taken photographs and video footage to present our product in a professional way.

The Malta National Championships were extensively covered daily on our website and the local journalists were all a great support to get our message out there and we look forward to keep a close relationship with them.

We look forward to give you more and reach the goals we set to keep on promoting our beloved game, promote our players and also physical activity in our country. A big thanks goes to Badminton Europe for their assistance and support as we gladly share their vision and effort.