Change in statute changes date of AGM

This year we will be having a change in the date of the AGM after a change in the statute that was approved during the last EGM. This change has been done for Badminton to get in line with the Voluntary Organisation regulations in its application to become a Voluntary Organisation.

The Annual General meeting will take place tomorrow (Saturday) at 3:15pm at Kirkop Sports Complex and will go through the Administration Report for 2017-18, Financial Report and elections for President, Media Officer and two members.

There were three open posts for President, Media Officer and for two Members to be elected in this AGM. Unfortunately no nominees put forward their interest. For the post of President, Chris Spiteri has put forward his nomination and we had three nominees for members: Mr. Owen Grech, Mr. Manuel Gatt and Mr. Joseph Salomone. Badminton Malta would like to thank all nominees for their interest in giving their time and efforts to the Association and we look forward to continue working together in the best of the Association and badminton in Malta.