Dear Badminton Malta members,

We are still in a very difficult situation in Malta because of the COVID-19 epidemy and as per

L.N. 101 of 2020 (The Public Health Act, CAP. 465, Suspension of Organised Events Order), are not able to convene meetings, until the Health Authorities advise otherwise, hence it is not possible for us to hold the Annual General Meeting for 2020.

Clause 9(a) in our statute indicates that the Annual General Meeting will be held every year before the 30th April.  Given the circumstance we will have to deviate from this clause this year.  We hope that we will have more clarity in the coming weeks as to when we can plan to hold the meeting.

Since we are also a registered Voluntary Organisation, the Commissioner of Voluntary Organisations has also issued notice that since AGMs will be currently suspended, returns can be submitted at a later stage.

We hope you appreciate the fact that Badminton Malta’s Executive Council is abiding by the current laws issued by the Health Authorities limiting gatherings to no more than 3 persons.

We will keep you updated with further developments.