The body, the mind and the heart. Is that what coaching is about? How will we effect children and athletes in their life? How do you motivate athletes? What legacy will you leave as a coach? Are you thinking of starting coaching and would like to understand better this great role?

This and much more will be answered in an introductory workshop to 3 Dimensional Coaching that will be organised by the Institute of Physical Education and Sport of the University of Malta. This workshop will be organised on the 16th May from 6pm to 8pm and it will be free of charge!

The two speakers are Mark Hull and David Guehring who work with coaches and athletes to improve their lives holistically. Get introduced to the world of 3 Dimensional Coaching and to read more and book please visit this link: We urge all badminton coaches and other people who are planning to start coaches to attend this 2 hour workshop.