We have launched this year’ events which will be more interesting, thrilling and competitive than ever! During this year, we will be having 3 official events going on:

  • Mixed Teams League
  • Singles, Doubles and Mixed Ranking T’ments
  • Malta National Championships 2017

The first Singles Ranking T’ment is now online!

It will adopt the compass system with the main draw having 16 participants for the men’s category and 8 for the women’s. If more than 16 and 8 participants apply, a qualification round will be played using the same compass format.

What is a compass system?

A compass system is played with all the 16 (or 8) entries playing the first round, with the winners passing to the next round and the losers passing to a losing round. In the next round all the participants will again pass to the next respective round. This means that whether you make it till the end or lose wherever along the way, you will play approximately the same number of games. The participants taking part in the main draw will be according to the last Ranking list (which were just updated on our website)

How much will it cost?

Even though we have increased the number of games each participant will play using the compass system, we kept the same price as last year’s – 
€12. This does not include shuttles.


Closing Date: 28 Sept 2016

Men’s Qualifiers (if needed): 5,6,9 Oct 2016

Women’s Qualifiers: 12,13,16 Oct 2016

Main Draw: 22,23 and the finals on 26 Oct 16

Applications are now online – Click here to apply!

Remember, we have a limited number of places available? A maximum of 30 participants for Men’s Category and 20 for the Women’s. The qualification round will be based on a First Come First Served basis, so hurry up and apply now!

See you soon!