Patrick brings to the coaches pool 45 years of experience as an athlete. Patrick has obtained Level 1 and 2 Coaching qualifications which have been put to good use since 2006 resulting in successful performances from junior players under his instruction. Patrick’s family is an all round badminton family having an ex-champion for a wife and a son who has shown a lot of promise in the sport.

Name: Patrick Cassar

Age: 54 years

–                 Tell us a little about your background either as a participant or a coach?

I have been involved in badminton for 45 years, for this past year and a half year I have been appointed to coach the ISF squad. I have a son playing for the national junior squad and a wife who was an ex-badminton player. In 2006 I attended the Badminton Europe Summer School and achieved my Level 1 and 2 coaching certification. My coaching has led to a good number of junior players to win national titles from my club.

–                 How long have you been involved in badminton?

As a coach I have been involved for 9 years.

–                 Apart from their athletic capability, what do you consider when recruiting members for your team?

As always my players have to love the game. The second thing is that they have to have commitment. The last thing is that they have to be ready to make a sacrifice on and off court.

–                 What are the biggest challenges you face as a coach?

The lack of facilities, time and funding are always a challenge!

–                 What are your expectations for the team for the upcoming Championship?

The main expectation is that the players enjoy it, number two is to give their best and last thing is to win much games as possible.

–                 If you get the chance to coach a world class badminton player, who would your choice be?

I would like to coach Carolina Marin from Spain and Jan O Jorgensen from Denmark.

–                 Do you like to play any other sport other than Badminton?

Yes, I would like to play golf.

–                 Things that you like to do while you are not playing Badminton?

I definitely enjoy a nice swim in summer, whilst a nice walk in the countryside goes down well in winter.

–                 Your status? If studying/working what/where?

I am married to Jo’Anne, a fourteen year old son both of whom are very much involved in badminton. I’m currently working with a private company.