BASIS – a developing initiative to help MAs keep going strong

It was an intensive day of discussions, workshops, networking and learning from each other’s experience at the Badminton Europe Members Forum. Badminton Malta was represented by its President Chris Spiteri.

The day started with a review and discussion about the BASIS programme that was launched last year to assist Member Associations to continue improving on different aspects. Badminton Malta benefited on multiple fronts thanks to this programme.

This feedback was given during the discussion itself and some suggestions and new ideas were put forward to keep on improving this programme.

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Marketing in a digital world critical for Badminton Europe

The day continued with a very interesting discussion about the marketing strategy in a digital world with a presentation given by the firm who will be working with Badminton Europe and its digital media, SHAPE. A very well explained presentation with an insight of the vision on how to engage more with our fans and increase acquisition of new fans.

The day proceeded with a workshop on good governance with an interactive workshop that encouraged a brainstorming exercise to evaluate different aspects of good governance. A session very well facilitated by Michael Pedersen, founder of Change the Game.

The day ended with a dinner on a boat in the beautiful city of Dubrovnik. During this time all members networked, discussed new opportunities and collaborations  while enjoying the views of the Dubrovnik scenery.

The event continues today with the Annual Delegates meeting.

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Photo: Badminton Europe