In Sport we are one Malta

One big sports Maltese family Badminton, Waterpolo, Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Weightlifting and all sports make a one big Maltese Sport Family. We all work in different channels to get more people active, organise sports in the best way possible and also get our top players to the top of the International scene while educating children [...]

Continuing Professional Development offered by UoM IPES free of charge

Learn about the use of technology in today's coaching The Institute of Physical Education and Sport is regularly organising seminars and lectures as part of their Continuing Professional Development program for coaches and teachers and also for the general sport community. It's time for the 7th CPD this year which will treat IT and its [...]

Together for clean sports

WADA has updated the prohibited list We all believe in clean sports and we all strive to train hard and win clean. Having said that it is of utmost importance for all our athletes to be up to date with the latest Anti-Doping measures and prohibited list so that everyone is sure to be playing [...]