Sadowski, De Gaetano and Cassar bag wins in Circuit Tournaments

Positive news and results keep coming in for the Badminton enthusiasts, players, coaches and community in Malta. This time with wins from the Mixed Doubles couple Sadowski/De Gaetano in the Bulgarian International and Sam Cassar in the Slovak U17 International. Fiorella Marie Sadowski and Nigel De Gaetano, under the guidance of Elite Squad Coach Martin [...]

​Badminton​ Europe chooses Matthew Abela for its Centre of Excellence

In a few days, the life of Malta's National Badminton Champion, Matthew Abela, will change for good, as he will be moving to Denmark to start training at the Badminton Europe Centre of Excellence. ​ A few months ago Badminton Europe, which is the European Federation of Badminton​, ​ launched a new initiative called the [...]

The 3rd Ranking Tournament 2016/17 – Doubles is now open!

Whether you love playing doubles for the fun of it or you would like to establish yourself in the upcoming Badminton Malta Doubles Ranking List this is a great tournament to be in! This is a compass style tournament where you will continue playing even if you lose. Take this opportunity to play a challenging [...]